The Saber Vault team is based in Johannesburg, South Africa and we love Lightsabers! Ever since we were children, we dreamed of being able to wield a realistic Lightsaber. That dream never seemed attainable, until we discovered the existence of high quality durable Lightsabers. With the dream now in reach, we set out to get our very own Lightsabers into SA.

But, this soon proved to be a challenge, as finding affordable Sabers and importing them as an individual into South Africa is a very complex and expensive exercise to do on your own. We soon realised that other SA Saber enthusiasts and fans, just like you, faced the exact same challenge. So we set out to solve this problem for you. 

With this mission, we searched the galaxy to find you affordable and durable RGB LED Sabers, with movie accurate effects. After much searching, we discovered the largest, quality Lightsaber manufacturer in the galaxy! We partnered with them and created our company. Now, we are able to bring South African fans the ultimate Saber experience and deliver the best Lightsabers, at prices that you can afford, delivered to your door directly from our Vault! 

Saber Vault is South Africas premier online Lightsaber retailer. 

Why Saber Vault? 

Our Sabers are designed to last. With hilts made of tough aluminum and blades made from strong polycarbonate, our sabers are highly durable. Not only are our  Sabers of high quality, they are also packed with unique features that rival the Sabers of international vendors, that are double the price. With a colour changing blade and  sound, light and movement effects, our sabers incorporate everything awesome about Saber collecting. Best of all, there are no expensive shipping rates or hidden customs fees. Saber Vault will always strive to offer you the best Saber experience possible, with the service to match.