This product is not intended for use by children. Children under the age of 18 should always be supervised by an adult. Do not hit people or animals. Use caution when indoors. Do not use a USB charging port higher than 5V 1A. Do not disassemble the Saber. Disassembling or incorrectly charging the Saber will void your warranty.


  • Charge the Saber using the cable provided at least 2-4 hours before initial use. Charge the Saber using a 5V 1A USB charging port only.
  • The button will illuminate while charging.  
  • When fully charged the button illumination will stop and you will hear a prompt.


  • Colour Change Blade: Full RGB colour changing base-lit LED blade with 11 colour options.
  • Sound Effects: The Saber comes equipped with a V4 board and sound driver with multiple Saber sound fonts which detects motion and impact.
  • Motion/Gesture Control: Activate and deactivate the Saber and features using gestures.
  • Light Effects: When struck against something with enough force the Saber blade will flash to simulate 2 sabers clashing together. Sabers also come pre-loaded with blaster deflection and lock-up functions. There are 3 adjustable blade modes: stable, unstable and pulse.
  • Removable blade: This Saber comes with a removable blade.

    For more information and warranty details see the warranty page. If you experience issues email us at

    Using the Saber:

    The button is illuminated and will flash each second it is held.

    Waking the Saber:

    Press and hold the button for 3 seconds to power on the Saber. You should hear a cue and the button should now be lit. Your Saber is now “awake”

    With the Saber awake but with the blade off:

    • Adjusting the volume:  Press and hold for 1 flash/second to adjust the volume intensity. Repeat this to select different volumes. There are 3 volumes, mute, soft, and loud.
    • Blade effects: Press and hold for 2 flashes/seconds to change the light effect. The board comes programmed with 3 blade effects: pulse, stable and unstable.
    • Clash On/Off: Press and hold for 4 seconds/flashes to toggle clash on or off. 
    • Motion Control On/Off: Press and hold for 5 seconds/flashes to toggle on/off.
    • Changing the sound fonts: Press and hold for 6 flashes/seconds to change the sound font. The sound board comes programmed with multiple sound fonts and a mute function.
    • Turn the blade on: Press the button 1 time to turn on and ignite the Saber.
    • Turn the blade off: Press and hold the button down for 3 flashes/seconds to turn the Saber blade off.
    • Hibernation: Press and hold the button for 10 seconds to power your Saber down, putting it into hibernation mode. The Saber will also power off after being idle for 10 minutes.

    With the Saber blade illuminated:

    • Turning the Saber off: Press and hold the button for 3 flashes/seconds.
    • Blaster Deflect: Press the button once for blaster deflect.
    • Flash-on-clash: Clash the saber against an object or another Saber to activate clash. 
    • Lock-up: Press and hold the button while clashing the saber to enter lock up. Press the button once to end it. 
    • Saber Drag: Press and hold the button for 1 flash t. Tap the button once to end it.
    • Stab & Melt: Thrust the Saber forward for stab effect. Hold the button while thrusting forward to melt. 
    • Colour Change: Press and hold the button for 2 seconds/flashes for colour change mode. The blade will begin cycling through colours. Push the button once to set on the desired color.

    Motion/Gesture Controls

    Turn On/Off: A quick twist while the hilt is pointed up will turn the Saber on/off. (Counterclockwise to clockwise):

    A direct and quick stabbing motion will turn the blade on/off:


    Font Change: With the Saber pointed downward with the blade switched off, twist (counterclockwise to clockwise) enables cycling through fonts. Repeat to cycle through each font:

    Force Effect: With the blade turned on and the saber facing upward, hold button and twist (counterclockwise to clockwise):

    Twist Colour Change: With the blade turned on and saber pointed downward, hold button and twist (counterclockwise to clockwise) turn the saber to cycle through colours. Push the button once to select the desired colour.